Pool and Patio Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosures come in all shapes and sizes protecting your pool or patio from debris, and your family from insects, and even providing some UV protection.

We install screen enclosures and repair existing enclosures with high-quality materials and highly skilled labor. the quality of the materials ensures the cage is as strong as possible to withstand some wind. It will never be hurricane proof but it should have enough integrity to withstand a strong wind.

Keeping your screens in good condition is as important as the frame. The screen actually helps maintain the structure of the enclosure while letting winds pass through. Even without a storm, you will need to make repairs to the screen and even the frame over time. The sun and salt air can deteriorate the screen and corrode the aluminum of the frame.

aerial view of pool enclosure on house
Screen enclosed porch or lanai.

Lanai enclosures allow you to expand your living area and utilize that space more frequently. Without screen it is difficult to enjoy the evening due to the mosquitos and in some areas the use of no-see-um screen is suggested. If you have too much direct sunlight we can offer screening that blocks more of the sun for increased protection. 

Both the aluminum frame and the screen come in colors to compliment your structure while offering increased comfort. when installed correctly the screen enclosure should add beauty and value to your home. Be sure to always hire a reputable company like Florida Screen and Shutter to install and maintain your pool and patio enclosures. We offer quality service at reasonable prices and are licensed and insured. Contact us for a free quote.